Workplace Assessment Services

Voice Adept Ltd have over 10 years of experience in providing workplace assessments for individuals in with disabilities who are in employment.

Our assessors can recommend adjustments for individuals in the workplace to assist them in their work. These adjustments cover the following areas:

Ergonomic furniture: Desks, chairs, arm supports, wrist rests.
Ergonomic Hardware: Keyboards, mice and other input devices.
Assistive software: Voice recognition, text-to-speech, mind mapping, screen magnification etc.
Work patterns.

All these areas can be adjusted to provide huge benefits to the individual as well as the employer.

Retaining experienced staff is a paramount concern for employers, as the cost of recruiting and training new employees can be over £30,000 (according to a report carried out by Oxford Economics in 2014). Our average workplace assessment cost is £650 (including the cost of the recommended adjustments).

Businesses who place emphasis on retaining talent and developing their staff find that their employees feel more valued, and as a result are more loyal.