With over 10 years of experience providing Assistive technology Training to hospitals, councils, police forces, banks, private companies and individuals, Voice Adept are well placed to provide assistive technology training for you or your organisation.

We hold a Dragon Certified Instructor Certification from Nuance, and we are also accredited in TextHelp Read and Write Gold. Claro Software, Zoomtext, Mind Mapping software (including Mind Manager, Inspiration, Mind Genius and Spark Space).

The training is designed to be flexible to accommodate to the users requirements and abilities. Training material, including manuals will be provided, listing out the main functions and commands to control your software.

At Voice Adept we are committed to providing the best training, and sharing our expertise with our clients to help them get the most from their new assistive technology. Voice Recognition, Text-to-Speech, Mind Mapping and Digital Dictation Devices provide users with quantifiable improvements in productivity and efficiency. In order to help you gain maximum benefit from the software and hardware, expert training and advice should be sought. At Voice Adept we are experts in providing training for everyone, focusing on individuals with special needs. The level is pitched to suit the user and ranges from the teaching of basic skills to the use of advanced scripting languages. We travel nationwide to conduct assessments, consultations, installations and deliver customised training on site, either at hone, or in the workplace.

All training is: Carried out by a Dragon Certified Instructor, with a TextHelp Gold Certification Tailored to meet individual requirements Complemented with customised user guides and free technical phone support

We also have extensive experience in many other assistive technologies and software packages, including: Mind Mapping Software - Inspiration, Spark Space, Mind Genius, Mind Manager Text to Speech Software - TextHelp Read & Write, ClaroRead Screen Magnification - Zoomtext, Dolphin Lunar Dragon NaturallySpeaking Scripting - To enable a greater level of hands free computing

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